What is Americanisation?. There are McDonalds, Coca Cola, Starbucks and Apple Computers everywhere. These are all from America. We all have iPhones, we see American TV shows like The Simpsons or we watch NFL on our television. Once again, all American. Americanisation is everything we use, everything we do, everything we watch, listen to or think about relates to America. Cultures are being crushed, beliefs trampled on, religions masacured. All because of American society and its plague of status updates, text messages and e-mails.How Does Americanisation Plays A Major Role In Globalisation? People are using the newest technology all around the world. Important Messages can be sent around the world in 80 seconds rather than 80 days. People have iphones and computers and private planes and helicopters, Cars and Motorbikes, 2-meter TV screens, Houses big enough for whole towns and villages. This all speeds up our life. Metaphorically making the world faster and easier.Mcdonaldisation Mcdonaldisation is where everything looks the same, just like the TNC Mcdonalds. In Mcdonalds, everything always looks the same, always. So when two houses look the same or two stores look the same or something like that wecan call that Mcdonaldisation. 

Mcdonaldisation contributes to globalisation mentally. Because everywhere you go there is an identical place. It also contributes to globalisation physically, in a poverty inflicted country you could just see a Mcdonalds -that looks as if it should be in a city somewhere- standing there waving its flag destroying the native culture.